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    Some information about Miss Universe 2013

     "Hector Joaquin #MissUniverse2013 Updates: I was just chatting with him via Google this morning. He shared me the following tips:

    - Miss Honduras Diana Mendoza returned to her hotel room at 5:30 AM wearing a man's clothing (shirt and short pants) looking drunk and remembering absolutely nothing, When she entered her room, she went directly to the bathroom. Her roommate, Miss El Salvador Alba Delgado was already in bed but she did not get up because she thought that Diana was going out. But when Alba finally woke up this morning, she found Diana sprawled naked on the bathroom floor. When Alba asked Diana what happened, Diana said that she could not remember anything. The last time that Diana had been seen was during the coronation ball and she was seen with a male member of the MUO Security Personnel. It appears that someone had slipped something into her drink which made her unconscious (could she have been a victim of "date rape"?)

    - Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler was always nice with the press, but not with her fellow contestants, specifically with Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez to whom she was making comments such as that the only way Monic would look good was is when Monic has her hair pulled back. Before she won, Gabriela was very nice wth Hector, but during the press conference she was a bitch. Miss Venezuela and Miss Poland Paulina Krupinska ganged up against Miss Puerto Rico.
    - During the finals night backstage, Miss Poland Paulina Krupinska told Miss Colombia Lucia Aldana to shut up. Paulina wanted Miss Ukraine Olga Storozhenko to go farther in the competition, but Lucia disagreed. According to Miss El Salvador Alba Delgado, Paulina kept telling Lucia to be quiet and Lucia kept telling Paulina, "No!" During the entire pageant, the real bitch was Miss Poland who hardly spoke to anyone and was heard saying that she did not want to win. 

    - MUO President Paula Shugart explained the reason why the Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic awards were not distributed during the telecast - was because to give air time to Steven Tyler's performance instead.

    - Most of the national directors were not happy with Miss Venezuela's win. They all thought that she looked like an older woman.

    - The majority of the Russian press abandoned the Media Center when Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova did not make the semifinals. Many Russians in the audience also left the theater when Miss Russia was not called. The theater became half-empty during the rest of the show. This explains why the cameras rarely showed the audience. To fill the empty seats. MUO offered first-row seats to the members of the press.

    - MUO President received emails from Filipino fans asking her why she did not take pictures with Miss Philippines Ariella Arida, but took pictures with Miss Indonesia Whulandary Herman. Paula explained to the Filipino fans that she had very little time to take pictures with everyone. 

    - Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez could not stop crying after failing to advance further. She was being consoled by her ex-boyfriend who came to support her.

    - Miss Philippines Ariella Arida stayed at the Crocus City Hall much longer so she could take pictures with all of her fans.

    - Some people are speculating that the reason Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez made the cut is because Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa came to Moscow during the first week of the pageant to reunite with her and with Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova.

    - Some of the girls noticed that when they would go to events, they would always see the same Russian men who would give them indecent proposals.

    - Miss Great Britain Amy Willerton changed her gown during the finals, thanks to Hector Joaquin. After the prelims, Hector Joaquin approached Amy and advised her that she needed to change her prelims gown because it didn't favor her at all. Amy listened to his advice (thank God), and the rest is history!!

    Credits to: Critical Beauty (Rafa Delfin)


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