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    Miss Universe 2013: Moe Set Wine Could Win the Pageant

    By Sonalee singh | October 23, 2013 5:04 PM EST
    Myanmar's beauty Moe Set Wine soared to fame when she was crowned Miss Myanmar, on Oct 3 at the National Theatre in Yangon, Burma.

    The first beauty queen to represent Myanmar at the Miss Universe pageant in more than 50 years, Moe Set Wine could very well bring the coveted crown to her country. Not only has she emerged as the pageant's favourite contestant but has surpassed once the leading contestant, Miss Philippines Ariella Arida in terms of popularity. Here, let's take look at the reasons why 25 -year-old Moe Set Wine could win the Miss Universe 2013 title:

    Moe Set Wine has the highest no of people's choice votes: Moe Set Wine has been voted (168,671) by the maximum no of people in the Miss Universe people's choice poll conducted my Missoslogy.com (a pageant analysing website). She has clearly surfaced as the people's first choice for this year's Miss Universe 2013 pageant.

    Moe Set Wine has great communication skills: Having completed her master's degree in business marketing from California; Moe Set Wine has great command over her English. Unlike Ariella Arida who has confessed about her lack of communication capabilities, Moe Set Wine's strongest asset is her speaking skills. This can give her an edge in the final interview round of Miss Universe 2013 pageant.

    Moe Set Wine is blessed with beautiful skin: Moe Set Wine has the healthiest skin amongst the pageant contestants. She has already won the "Miss Healthy Skin" title in Myanmar. Her beauty shines through her skin which could work in her favour.

    Moe Set Wine is from Myanmar: Myanmar has recently come out of a military rule and is on the path of development.The country needs encouragement and support of other countries in its economic as well as infrastructural growth. Bestowing the Miss Universe title to Moe Wet Wine could very well be a start for a country like Russia to develop a positive

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